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Our Mega – Park is situated in Grudziądz – Rudnik in the vicinity of the Great Rudnickie Lake.

Grudziądz is located on the right bank of the Vistula river in the northern part of Pomerania Region, nearby Polish main seaports (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) and the cities of Bydgoszcz and Toruń. Such location and well-developed road system are the advantages of the town. The international route E-75 (Gdynia-Cieszyn) runs 5 km from the town, and two national roads, No 55 (Toruń-Grudziądz-Kwidzyn-Elbląg) and No 16-the shortest road connecting western border of Poland with Warmia and Mazury, and further Kaliningrad, run directly through Grudziądz. In addition, there are plans of the motorway A-1 which will connect the Scandinavia with the southern Europe and the clearway from Poznań through Bydgoszcz, Grudziądz to Olsztyn. The town is also a place where tourists can rest and have fun. There are three lakes in Grudziądz, among them, the biggest one is Great Rudnickie Lake, with beautiful beaches, recreation centres, water equipment rentals, bars, camping sites, sailing cenrtres. Such situation makes the town attractive and gives possibilities of development.

Our Recreation and learning center come into being 1.05.1997. We’ve started building Rancho – saloon, which is well known of their speciality – fried fishes. After another extension we have built Zoo, Wild West or Western City and Mexico City. But it wasn’t enough for us. Meeting the expectations and growing request for our guests we’ve extended our park in 2010 and therefore we’ve got: The land of fairy tales, Safari and Dinosaurs – our special jurassic educational trail.

From the beginning of vacation 2010 have turned up our new inhabitants – Moving dinosaurs like T – REX. Admiring them you can move millions years back and you’ll have impression that you can see real dinosaurs, which are moving, breathing and giving out sound.

Since 2011 you can also visit a Bedrock City – the land of the Flinstones.

In 2012 we decided to finish  what we’ve started building a few years ago. The amphitheater is almost ready! It is capable of seating about 1000 persons.

This year’s hit – The amphitheater, in which we’ll make our western shows! Click and see more! Mega park is a place which pulsate with life – continually shows a new animals, and we’re make our social – entertainment backroom bigger. 

We promise that soon Zoo, Safari and Dinosaurs will be enlarged with new inhabitants and attractions and The land of Western – another buildings!

Map of the Park

mapa of the park