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For companies

The offer for companies is prepared individualy and depends of clients demands. Please contact us in order to negotiate prize, program of stay, menu.

At your disposal we’ve got 3 Saloons alltogether for 800 persons, it may be use to having training courses, conferences and other parties. We’ve got also projector.

Suggested plays, games and contests.

-          Digging the tresures in mine

-          Horseshoe throw

-          Riding horses (under the roof)

-          Riding carriages (under the roof)

-          Drive by western train (under the roof)

Games and plays

-          Tug – of – war

-          Mexican ball

-          Knife throw

-          Hatchet throw

-          Cowboy ringo

-          Race in saddle

-          Indian skis

-          Lasso a bull

-          Farmer competition – milking artifical cows in natural size


Prize is negotiable. Depends on number of persons.

Additional information

-          Ensuring medic attention

-          Make out invoices VAT

-          Ensure full catering (along with disposable set and waitress service with a few grills.


We’re open for every propositions. We’ll adapt our program to indivdual client demands. We’re organizing every type of party from small parties to mega parties in plein – air (we organized a party for 2600 people for “MAT”)

Map of the Park

mapa of the park